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For Artisti di Taglia, art is that inner drive deep in all our hearts that, if given free rein, generates wellbeing, creativity, beauty, enthusiasm, economic and social development and, above all, new life.


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Artisti di Taglia was born from the desire of a group of international artists, entrepreneurs, associations, media players and internationalisation experts to promote fine Italian products and services throughout Italy and worldwide.

Our mission

We promote our area’s outstanding goods, services, ideas, initiatives, artistic creations and cultural events Italy-wide and across the globe. To do this, we share know-how by bringing together tradition and innovation to create real opportunities for mutual growth.

We are committed to developing a new economy that does not lose sight of its origins but puts them centre stage and looks to the future with fresh verve and a determination to take responsibility for local development.

This is Artisti di Taglia’s added value: it is not about money alone but a sharing process that creates real development opportunities. Our goal is wellbeing for the many, generating real lasting wealth to enrich our society.

Artisti di Taglia puts people, art and work at the heart of everything we do. That’s why our priorities are respect for the individual, working together and excellent product and service quality.

Networking the Artisti di Taglia way

To us, it means creating strong relationships and nurturing them wisely for lasting results, not just an immediate give and take. We aim to create long-term relationships based on trust with and among the players in our local economy.

This, for Artisti di Taglia, is “Italian-style networking” – operating as a team to overcome our fears in an exchange of expertise for the common good.

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