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From Filò to Italian-style networking

During the long winter nights here, relatives and neighbours used to gather in the cattle sheds to chat and tell stories while they got on with the little tasks of country life, such as basket weaving, mending tools, spinning and weaving. This was the traditional atmosphere of the Filò, one of the defining moments in the everyday life of our ancestors’ rural community.

Sharing and partnerships among the people in a community are the cornerstones of our cultural and business lives. Through the Filò, community members cultivated relationships, helping each other to run their farming and craft businesses.

There was a free and natural exchange of experience and expertise, and everyone understood the importance of giving freely to develop the local economy. This led to an emphasis on sharing, that added value that – as history has shown – would soon translate into profit and wellbeing for the whole community.

Artisti di Taglia is committed to building an Italian-style networking model firmly rooted in the old Filò tradition and the sharing atmosphere that it embodied, adding the excellence in innovation that has long been a hallmark of Italy, the Bel Paese.

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